Bay window: how much does it cost?

Bay window: how much does it cost?

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As the name implies, a bay window is an opening consisting essentially of glass, which can be a door or a window in a building. It has many advantages, both aesthetically and practically. Its price can vary depending on several important factors, which can justify a fairly wide range. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation for window installation works

Bay window: the advantages

A bay window has some interesting advantages, especially in terms of the brightness it provides. Indeed, the room where it is installed remains very well lit: the interior decoration is thus enhanced. Furthermore, this type of opening allows good insulation. It is first of all a soundproofing, because the bay window considerably reduces the propagation of outside noise in the room. The bay window also provides good thermal insulation. It can therefore help to save on heating, since it has the ability to reduce the penetration of cold. At the same time, when it is hot, the bay window can also keep the room cool, thanks to this thermal insulation property.

Bay window: factors influencing the price

The price of a bay window depends on a few essential parameters. First, consider the surface of the glass. The larger it is, the more expensive it is. In addition, its thickness is also to be considered. Thicker glass has a higher price. Another factor is the quality of the glass, as well as whether it is tinted or not. In addition, it is also possible to use double or even triple glazing for a bay window, which can also affect the price. It should be noted that the thicker the glass, the more it allows good insulation. Models that use multiple glazing are even more effective in this area, especially when there is a vacuum between the panes. Note that the price varies depending on the structure used, depending on whether it is made of wood, aluminum or PVC.

Bay window: price ranges

A single untinted window costs around 30 euros per square meter. However, for a bay window with double glazing, the square meter costs around 150 euros. By adding a few features such as a reinforcement or an anti-reflective film, or even the "self-cleaning glazing" option, the price can go up again, going from 250 to 300 euros per square meter. However, you can benefit from a tax credit by installing a picture window. Indeed, it can make a house more ecological, with a reduction in energy consumption. As a result, it is therefore possible to amortize the cost of the bay window by the gains made in terms of heating.