Bay window: which opening to choose?

Bay window: which opening to choose?

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The bay window gives a special charm to the finish of your home. It is however advisable to choose among the three types of opening (fixed picture window, sliding picture window, French window) based on the configuration of the house. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation for window installation works

A sliding picture window

This form of bay window is considered a standard solution when it comes to selecting an opening. There are 3 forms of opening to choose from, in the case of a sliding picture window: - You can, for example, opt for the simple sliding version, which will give you optimal insulation, despite the risk of more wear quick when it comes to seals. - The second option is to install a bay window that will always be sliding, but also with brick partition. This system not only saves space, but it will also give a cachet to the wall section. - The third form of sliding window is probably the most discreet. Indeed, a sliding part will be directly embedded in the wall and will automatically melt the bay window in the landscape. You should know that the sliding glass windows are distinguished by particular finishes that should be known, in order to better choose. For example, choosing a "tilt-and-slide" or "lift-and-slide" picture window can be very useful. Thanks to their sophisticated design, these bay windows will provide you with particularly effective insulation. Better still, among the bay windows, if you opt for a sliding translation model and equipped with a chassis with thermal break, you will benefit from optimal protection against humidity problems. This type of finish will also guarantee high quality light and insulation.

A fixed bay window

This is a very popular opening method for individuals who live in accommodation that does not allow opening in order to access the outside. A fixed bay window will allow you to benefit from significant natural light in your home. The fixed bay window also offers the advantage of being cheaper than a sliding bay window. Fixed bay windows are also distinguished by their aesthetic side.

A picture window in French window

As the name suggests, this bay window is designed like a French window. It is a system with a "swing" opening. Its mode of operation is similar to that of a door and it can perfectly find its place in a house. However, this design tends to be left aside, in particular because of the advantages offered by the two previous opening systems (fixed and sliding), which provide both aesthetics, space saving, comfort or again modernism.