Spiral staircase kit: choose it well

Spiral staircase kit: choose it well

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The spiral staircase is more modern than other types of stairs. It has several advantages when you know how to choose it. The spiral staircase exists in two forms: the custom staircase and the kit staircase. Let’s take a look at the kit spiral staircase. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a staircase installation

A spiral staircase for small spaces

The spiral staircase is distinguished by its aesthetic and modern appearance. It occupies very little space. This is why it is particularly suitable for the least spacious apartments and homes. The fact that it is available as a kit makes it easier to install and popular.

What material for my spiral staircase?

As aesthetic and modern as it is, there is a drawback associated with its use. The spiral staircase is more fragile than the others. It is therefore very important to take into account the material from which the staircase is made. Indeed, the spiral staircase exists in wood, glass, stainless steel, natural stone, steel, concrete ... The choice of material will be based on your daily use. For example, if you are used to transporting heavy loads, it is better to opt for a spiral staircase made of wood, concrete or steel for durability and solidity.

Take into account the diameter of my kit spiral staircase

The other thing to consider is the diameter of the kit spiral staircase. In general, the diameter of the spiral staircases in kit varies between 1.2 m and 1.6 m. The diameter of the staircase will therefore depend on the space available. For small spaces, it is better to choose the staircase with a diameter of 1.2 m. Finally, don't forget the financial aspect. The price of a spiral staircase in kit varies between 1500 euros to more than 12000 euros.