Before / After: A small Parisian duplex brought up to date

Before / After: A small Parisian duplex brought up to date

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Major renovation for this pretty duplex located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris! Four months of work were necessary to transform and restore its letters of nobility to this dilapidated apartment, consisting of small dark rooms with a haphazard distribution. To achieve the result we know today, the architect Solenne Brugiroux had no choice but to free the volumes from their limits. Open, the spaces allow owners today to benefit from the beautiful north-south exposure of the apartment. Discovery in pictures! Area: Duplex of 50 m2 Budget: 65,000 euros

Open up to offer generous volumes

Before: Originally, the lower part housed a kitchen and a living room, connected to the center by a bathroom. In this space, the whole challenge of the renovation was to rethink the arrangement of the rooms in order to restore coherence and fluidity to each of the surfaces. To do this, Solenne Brugiroux decided to knock down the partitions and rework the cutting of the spaces. Objective: open the whole and create a pleasant and bright living room thanks to a simplified distribution.

After: Successful facelift! With a small south-facing balcony, the living room has become, in the hands of the architect, a warm and welcoming space. Communicating with the kitchen, it allows the owners to receive their guests in peace. Moved and equipped to measure in contemporary finishes, the kitchen, meanwhile, allows you to take advantage of natural light. To meet storage needs, immaculate closets have been installed on the walls. And, to compensate for the inextricable tangle of rooms, the bathroom has also been moved. Located near the kitchen, it now offers an optimized and spacious space.

An optimized duplex

Before: Located in the middle of the apartment, the spiral staircase did not benefit from an operational layout.
After: Sort of a backbone of the project, the new plywood staircase embodies the spirit of this renovation. Located in the extension of the kitchen, it acts as a wardrobe and offers a good storage capacity thanks to the creation of custom cupboards, positioned under the steps. Aesthetic and practical, it has it all!

A well thought out bedroom

After: In the bedroom, nothing flashy! The architect favored simple and refined furniture, but very practical. Multifunctional, the headboard here ideally defines the sleeping area and the workspace, while effectively optimizing the space.

A luxurious bathroom

Before: Degraded and worn out over time, the bathroom was dreaming of a facelift!
After: Located under a south facing skylight, an acrylic spa bath has been installed in the renovated bathroom. A powerful design object, it is the promise of endless moments of relaxation! In an effort to optimize space, all of the upstairs rooms have storage areas, housed under the roof windows. In terms of decoration, the beams have been painted in anthracite gray and the parquet has been replaced by a new model. Architect Solenne Brugiroux