Basic Space, a model book to understand architecture

Basic Space, a model book to understand architecture

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Much more than a book, here is a model book to explore the - almost - unlimited possibilities of architecture. Basic Space is a 3D book. We manipulate the book in all directions to give it a thousand and one forms. You can even play with two books to add some dependencies to your 3D project. Basic Space is a project of Fanny Millard, architect passionate about books, publishing and paper. She explains her approach: "Resulting from my research in the crossed fields of architecture and the book, Basic Space is a playful initiation to space. He uses the morphology of the book to approach the fundamental notions of architecture: form , light, empty, full, above, below, inside, outside… The book unfolds to form the spaces of an architecture imagined by the reader, transforming the book object into a model, he becomes the architect of his own project. The reader is then the author of his own story and can make it evolve at the same time as the spaces he creates. "
Basic Space exists in version illustrated book and white book to illustrate oneself to animate the facades of the created building and tell its own architectural history…

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