At work ! an imagier of trades signed Zoé de Las Cases and Théodora Méneur

At work ! an imagier of trades signed Zoé de Las Cases and Théodora Méneur

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Notice to nostalgic and dreamers. Imagined as a true image of trades, At work! is a colorful book, tinged with humor and poetry. Over 64 beautifully illustrated pages by Zoé de Las Cases, discover with your family, around twenty professions: fisherman, dressmaker, baker, ornithologist, businesswoman, rock singer, or designer…

Zoé de Las Cases, illustrator, decorator and now editor

Illustrator and designer by trade, Zoé de Las Cases is also known for her talents as a decorator. As proof, his Parisian loft, an old garage converted into a multitude of spaces with original and colorful decoration, embellished with antiques. Zoé de Las Cases was able to give life to a unique universe, populated by memories of childhood, family stories, tenderness and tinged with humor.
Chronologically, it is to her parents, creators of the Territoire store in Paris, that she owes her taste for reading, and beautiful books. In 2014, after the great success of his works published by Marabout, Zoé de Las Cases launched and created his own publishing house: ZDLC Editions.

At work ! a colorful imagery of jobs, tinged with humor and poetry

Sharing a taste for beautiful things, the desire to undertake fanciful projects and the conviction that work must make people happy above all, Zoé de Las Cases and her sister, the director Théodora Méneur, gave life to an illustrated book for children. and tall. As aesthetic as it is fun and educational, Au travail! showcases twenty trades, through a brief definition, associated with a collection of drawings, presenting the tools, the clothes, but also the various accessories and objects relating to the activity. To leaf through as a family, At work! allows to discover the universe of trades as diverse as ornithologist, fisherman, rock-star or businesswoman and, who knows, this work will also allow to give birth to some vocations…
At work ! Zoé de Las Cases and Théodora Méneur ZDLC Editions, 64 pages 16 euros Available at Artazart - 83 Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris