I tested for you: Swouitch, the application for exchanging items

I tested for you: Swouitch, the application for exchanging items

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The sharing economy still has a bright future ahead of it! In today's society, almost everything can be rented, traded or shared on the Internet. Cars, houses, services… pushed by the crisis and by new consumption patterns, many people decide to turn to CtoC (a term which designates the transaction between individuals) as an alternative to traditional commerce. After testing the carpooling sites and object rental platforms, I wanted to discover Swouitch, a new free application for Iphone, Ipad and Iphone Touch available since April 2, 2015. This allows you to exchange objects very easily between individuals geolocated.

Consume differently

Like many consumers, I often tend to be seduced by the attraction of novelty. From getting a new dress to buying the latest fashionable smartphone, everything is an excuse to satisfy my buying impulses. Result, my cupboards overflow and I find myself today with a string of old-fashioned, unused objects which I have obviously tired of! Ok, I admit, I love shopping but I don't like to throw away! Fortunately, my girlfriend Sophie, never short of good plans, just told me that there has recently been a new application in France, called Swouitch, which allows you to exchange your objects. A boon for me! Neither one nor two, I do not pray and I decide to embark on the discovery of this application, which, I am sure, will change my life! Direction the App Store, as you will have understood the application is only intended for Mac addicts, too bad you will admit it! In two three movements, Swouitch is on my mobile and I literally fall in love with this application which will allow me to swap my old sofa for a designer chair belonging to one of my neighbors.

Simple, fun and effective use

With the application installed and my registration completed, it is now time for me to start exploring Swouitch. First observation: to be able to connect, it is necessary to have a Facebook account. This mode of operation certainly has the advantage of simplifying the process, on the other hand it is clear that it immediately excludes the refractory to the social network of Mark Zuckerberg.
Somewhat disappointed, I nevertheless decide to continue my visit After taking a picture of the object I want to exchange, choose the community for which it is intended (child, young, man or woman), determine its category, have named it , estimated its price and having described it as a brief description, an object in exchange is automatically offered to me. A simple swipe to the right allows me to indicate my interest in this object.
Seduced by the fun side of the application I decided to take note of the other available objects. Little interested in the following object, I chose this time to switch the photo to the left to indicate my disinterest. Another object is then proposed to me. After going around the available geolocated objects, I choose to broaden my search criteria by playing on the distance and the categories of objects. It is at this moment that a notification indicates to me that my famous sofa interests a swouitcheur and that I realize that Swouitch is a kind of Tinder of objects.

Swouitch, the Tinder of objects

Like the dating application, everything is based on the mutual match by the photo: when the user indicates his interest in an object, the owner is not informed. It is only when there is reciprocity that the two owners discover at the same time the possibility of an exchange. Result, this creates surprise, accentuates the emotion and avoids being bothered by hundreds of proposals. A real asset seems to me! Then all you have to do is get in touch, chat, meet and exchange the object! Bonus: Swouitch is "intelligent": the more the swouitcheur uses the application, the more the suggestions of objects are adapted to his tastes. In addition, the application offers the possibility to follow the users whose objects and universes we appreciate and to see their new uploads as a priority. New to the sharing economy market, the application aims to be simple, smart, efficient, fun and sustainable in the era of time and it is true that the promise is there. To be tested urgently, you will not be disappointed! Free Swouitch app for Iphone, Ipad and Iphone Touch