Matt, shiny or satin paint: how to choose?

Matt, shiny or satin paint: how to choose?

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Choose your paint according to the desired finish, which is completely suggestive since it is above all a story of taste. Classic or modern decor: know how to choose the paint best suited to the room to renovate. Whether matt, shiny or satin, today's paint gives you great freedom in terms of color choice. If you do not know what to choose between a matt, shiny and satin paint, first ask yourself what aspect you want to highlight. Each part to be painted or repainted deserves a suitable paint.

Fancy a cozy universe? Choose a matte paint

The matt paint is particularly intended for the parents' room and the library or the office where one appreciates the cozy atmosphere. These rooms are dedicated to privacy, rest and why not meditation. The mattness enhances the purity of the tones that you will choose, for these singular, rather sober places. The matt paint has the particularity of being able to be cleaned with a slightly damp sponge.

Satin paint for a warm atmosphere

It is in the games room as in the children's room and the living room, even in the entrance hall that you can put a satin paint which we particularly appreciate the brightness and the material aspect that it leaves on the walls and ceilings. Its silky appearance is particularly suitable for rooms whose walls and / or ceiling are in perfect condition, smooth and free from defects. It tends to highlight the slightest roughness. Also, a preparation of the support is essential if it is not impeccable. Note that satin paint plays trompe l'oeil in a small room because it gives a feeling of space. It is easily cleaned with a sponge.

A mirror effect in the bathroom thanks to the glossy paint

Ultra trendy lacquers naturally find their place in utility rooms, called wet rooms. Shower room, bathroom, toilet but also kitchen are greatly enlarged visually thanks to the glossy paint. Extremely bright, it comes in an incredible palette of colors that allows all fantasies. It is ideal for magnifying an architectural detail such as a vault or a column for example. But if your support is not absolutely impeccable and devoid of any roughness, prefer a semi-gloss paint.