Infographic: the secrets of the nourish bowl

Infographic: the secrets of the nourish bowl

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Before knowing the secrets of the "nourish bowl", should we still know exactly what we are talking about? The nourish bowl (in French the "nourishing bowl") is a composite plate which provides all the nutrients necessary for your body while satisfying you. In summary, the nourish bowl is a summary of everything that does your body good. It is made from a combination of foods, often from the category called "super food" (because very beneficial to health). In full healthy trend, the nourish bowl has everything to please since it is very simple to prepare but also very pretty to look at. The nourish bowl very quickly invaded social networks and blogs, thus multiplying the followers. With a nourish bowl a day, you are sure to feed your body according to its needs and to fill the gaps. To get you started in the nourish bowl adventure, we offer an infographic detailing the preparation of a nourish bowl. By mixing the proposed foods, you can compose nourish bowls all summer!


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