10 tips for sorting clothes

10 tips for sorting clothes

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Putting things away properly in your closet can be a real chore. For the victims of "I have nothing to wear", the editors of dé have thought of 10 tips to apply to find their way in your wardrobe.

Tip # 1: Make small stacks

Put only 6 or 7 clothes per battery! If you pile up t-shirts, sweaters and more, in just three days, your wardrobe will look like a shambles!

Tip # 2: Store with the seasons

Do not put your little summer skirts under your nose at the beginning of January ... Sort your clothes according to the seasons and place at your height those you currently and regularly wear.

Tip # 3: Put on the sweaters with the sweaters

Sort your clothes by category. To find your way around, don't put on your long-sleeved t-shirts with your pants and your outfits will be almost ready.

Tip # 4: Organize by color

After sorting them by category, sort them by colors. You will find your bearings quickly and this will prevent you from having a bad morning mood!

Tip # 5: Fold the sweaters

Use hangers for jackets, coats and dresses. Maybe you used to hang your sweaters, that's a mistake. This distorts it and creates holes at the shoulders.

Tip # 6: Bundle long clothes

In the wardrobe, put all long clothes on one side. You will be able to store your shoes or your underwear in the well-organized boxes on the other side.

Tip # 7: One hanger = one piece of clothing

Hang only one item of clothing per hanger. You'll see more clearly when you get out of bed and wonder what to put on today.

Tip # 8: Bet on the boxes

To store your underwear, belts, scarves and other small items, opt for boxes. For the more picky about decoration, there are some very pretty and colorful ones. For others, old cardboard shoe boxes will do the trick.

Tip # 9: Sort regularly

Sort your wardrobe regularly enough to find your way around. Surely there is an old vest from the 50s hidden at the bottom. Every year, sift through your closet and ask yourself when was the last time you wore these pink pants with green dots…

Tip # 10: Store everything in the same room

Be organized and if possible, put all your things in the same room. It will be more convenient to choose and assemble your outfits.