New Kitchen Machine MAxximum from Bosch

New Kitchen Machine MAxximum from Bosch

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Notice to pastry lovers! If you like whipped cream, we have found the device for you! Admittedly, nothing like a homemade whipped cream! Among its new products, the Bosch brand offers a new device that will revolutionize your desserts! It is the ultimate tool to never miss your Chantilly, but also what to prepare light and delicious recipes for the summer!

A powerful device worthy of professionals!

With a power of 1600W, the Bosch Kitchen Machine has seven speeds, as well as a Pulse function. Another automatic functionality, called SensorControl, makes it possible to suddenly succeed on whipped cream, and this in record time! Notice to amateur cooks who do not like to check that their cream is taking well, the machine's sensors constantly measure the consistency of the cream. You are free to continue cooking something else! Another big advantage: the Kitchen Machine stops automatically as soon as the whipped cream is ready! But advanced technology does not detract from the design of the device! This very refined model was made entirely of metal, while the control buttons are in brushed chrome.

Well thought out kits and accessories

The Kitchen Machine has a pastry kit that has nothing to envy to the equipment of pastry professionals. This kit consists of a stainless steel pastry hook, an all-metal beater whisk with adjustable height (depending on the quantities you want), and a stainless steel mixer whisk with silicone coating (to mix more easily and scrape the sides of the bowl). Most ? All accessories are very easy to attach. Finally, the "Thermosafe" glass blender bowl resists temperature variations, which is ideal if you vary your recipes!
Bosch, Kitchen Machine Maxximum, MUMXX20T, 799.99 euros


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