Mistakes to Avoid Before Installing a Walk-in Shower

Mistakes to Avoid Before Installing a Walk-in Shower

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The Italian shower is design, it is trendy and elegant and everyone dreams of it. They fit easily in all bathrooms and are quite malleable. Before you start renovating your bathroom, know that it is important to learn about several points. has established for you the list of errors to avoid before installing, at your home, a walk-in shower.

Ensure that it is possible to dig

Walk-in showers generally require significant work. Before starting anything, it is useful to know if it is possible to dig in the place where you want to install your shower. In some cases, when you cannot make a hole, it is necessary to install a tiled receiver, to raise the surface of the shower, and thus hide the pipes.

Pay attention to sealing problems

Once you have chosen your shower, it is important to ensure that it works properly and that it does not ruin your home because of a simple installation fault. To ensure a rapid flow of water and a perfect seal in the shower area, it is important to be vigilant when installing siphons and drain pipes. The shower space must be completely sealed, especially if this room is on one floor. All the elements used for the joints must be water-repellent or hydrophobic. A small infiltration could cause heavy damage such as blistering of the paint, musty odors or even floods on the lower floors.

Do not install your shower alone

You're longing to take pleasant showers in a sublime space, but be patient and don't rush! Call in a professional to help you. The walk-in shower involves substantial installation work and does not support amateurs. To be successful, the site requires impeccable know-how. The editorial team therefore advises you to study the question carefully and above all not to rush into a hurry!