Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the floor and the toilets

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the floor and the toilets

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It seems that I am almost done with cleaning in my bathroom! I only have the floor and the toilets left - not the most pleasant, I grant you but you need what you need! Today, to carry out our household tasks, we will need: black soap, white vinegar, essential oil of tea tree, a mop, a broom, a toilet brush , from a bucket.

Clean my bathroom floor

My bathroom is tiled, pretty little tiles with Art Deco false airs - false airs since my building was built in the early 60s. It's pretty but dark in color + lots of joints make the dirt quickly visible, leaving like a dull film on the tiles.
For the occasion, I take out the black soap. Two tablespoons of black soap for 5 liters of hot water. A mop. A little elbow grease. Here we go ! Black soap degreases, cleans, detaches and nourishes. Not even need to rinse. My tiles look happy and so do I!

To clean the toilets

Let's go to the toilet.
I continue with black soap and a sponge this time to clean the ceramic and the toilet seat. What about the bowl? Which effective and inexpensive product will I use? White vinegar - the suspense was limited. It seems that soda is effective in cleaning the toilet, but I didn't have any.
So I stick to the vinegar and heat 1/2 liter in a saucepan. I let it boil, I add a few drops of tea tree essential oil - which I used to clean my sink! - for its anti-bacterial qualities. I pour my improved and boiling vinegar on the walls of my toilet. I scrub with my toilet brush so that the vinegar permeates every corner. I leave it on for at least an hour. Then, I take out my toilet brush, I rewarm and I flush the toilet. Nickel chrome!

What you must remember

In addition to cleaning, black soap also shines. Black soap is a mixture of potash and vegetable oils - flax, olive, etc. - which makes it cleans, degreases, removes and nourishes tiles and parquet floors - it is also perfect for cleaning hobs - and all this in a natural and ecological way. Warm white vinegar is even more effective. Prevention is better than cure. It will be easier to clean your toilet bowl every week rather than waiting for the limestone to form and require more effort ... And tomorrow? We change rooms: we attack the room and we declutter and put away the clothes…