Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I declutter and put away my clothes

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I declutter and put away my clothes

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Today I'm going to think very hard about The magic of storage by Marie Kondo. Because yes, always delicate moment: I am in my room and I tackle the sorting and decluttering of my clothes. My wardrobe consists of a dresser and an Ikea rack - a little overloaded, I won't lie. However, since I read The magic of storage , I've already done some hardcore sorting sessions. But what do you want, everything is always perfectible. Anyway, for my task of the day, I only need plastic bags.

Sort clothes

In my room, there are a few clothes lying around everywhere… First step? Gather the herd to have an overview! It is important to question each item of clothing: am I still wearing this item of clothing? Is it damaged? Is it my size? Does it highlight me? Do I feel myself in this garment?
Despite my big recent sorts, I still find some clothes that I can part with. In all, a dozen supernumerary dresses / scarves / jeans / t-shirts. I put everything in a bag and put it in a container for this purpose located not far from my home.
Another observation: I realize that I still have hats and big sweaters that make me want to sweat just watching them while summer is here. I work by season in my dressing room: on one side the business of the season, on the other stored under vacuum to save space, clothes out of season. So I get rid of my dresser and my clothes off season and I still save a little space!

To organize clothes

After sorting comes storage! I start with the simplest: put my clothes out of season in vacuum storage. This thing is magic: we put the clothes, we close, a vacuum cleaner and presto! we save 75% of space.
On the clothes rack, I try as much as possible to put only one garment per hanger - but I do not have enough hangers so I allow myself a few associations: dress + vest or 2 skirts not too thick together. Under the rack, I install two boxes, one for my bags, the other for my belts. The boxes come from Hema, inexpensive and pretty!
And now the dresser, I empty all the drawers and I reorganize. A drawer by type of clothing seems to me the most effective: - drawer 1: sweaters - drawer 2: t-shirts - drawer 3: pants - drawer 4: sleepwear. And little tip stuck to Marie Kondo: I fold my clothes compactly - and so that they match the height of my drawers - and store them vertically. This saves space and puts an end to the problems of inaccessible and wrinkled undergarments.
I will get out of it in 20 minutes - the time you will spend sorting and putting away your clothes will depend on the state of the worksite of your dressing room - and I have a neatly tidy dressing area, with no clothes lying around the apartment.

What you must remember

Everything has its place. Each of the drawers on my dresser corresponds to a type of clothing. Store clothes vertically in the drawers. Marie Kondo is right. The importance of being consistent. Rather than making a big, grueling sorting, it is better to sort your clothes on a recurring basis. In the same way, to avoid clothes lying around, you must put them away immediately: I put dirty clothes in the basket of dirty clothes and clothes that can be carried over - coats for example - I put them back on hangers. We don't throw away the clothes we don't want in the trash anymore! Very little worn clothes can be sold on the internet, others can be donated via organizations such as Emmaüs or via containers placed for this purpose. And tomorrow ? We clean mirrors, windows and curtains.