Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the windows, the mirror and the curtains

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the windows, the mirror and the curtains

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Now that my dressing area is tidy, I set out to clean the windows, the mirror and the curtains in my bedroom. Not the most complicated step, I admit! Today, I will need: white vinegar, a bucket, a cloth, a stepladder - or, failing that, a very stable chair -, washing powder and washing machine.

Wash the windows and the mirror

Like in my bathroom, I take out grandma's tips for cleaning the windows. And what does my grandmother suggest to me? To use white vinegar diluted in hot water - 1 dose of white vinegar and 3 doses of hot water.
I get on a chair - taking care, especially since I am dizzy. I wet a cloth, I clean with circular movements and I wipe with a cloth. I start with the exterior windows, I finish with the interior windows. Being against the light allows you to see the marks that may have been forgotten.
For the mirror, same technique but I don't even have to mount on a chair. Even easier. Let us add - for those who are skeptical - that window washing in white vinegar version does not leave an unpleasant smell.

Wash curtains

I get back on my chair and take down my curtains. These are made of thick cotton and eyelets.
I read the label which offers me a machine wash at 40 ° C. I have really enjoyed using my washing machine since I cleaned it. I put down my curtains and start the machine.
I go about my business while the washing machine does all the work. And I take out my curtains. I let them dry by spreading them out well - the plan is not to have to iron them. And the plan works. Except that. Except that in fact once I put my curtains back, I realize that they have shrunk, they have lost 10 cm in length… I feel a little bit angry, I should have been more careful and plan a washing machine at 30 ° C instead of 40 ° C… All this will have taken me just 10 minutes of work, I am finally perfectly in the times of the challenge! And I have curtains that have shrunk…

What you must remember

The importance of being consistent. It is better to wash the windows on a regular basis than once a decade, it will be faster and easier. Same with your curtains, if you wait too long, the dirt will be too encrusted. Avoid cleaning your windows on a sunny day . The sun would leave marks on your windows. Wash your curtains at low temperature.Obviously follow the indications given on the label of your curtain, but - if machine washing is permitted - prefer washing at low temperature, so that your curtain does not shrink. And the day after tomorrow? I clean my mattress, my duvet and my pillows.