Father's Day gift: our Super Dad figure to download!

Father's Day gift: our Super Dad figure to download!

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For Father's Day, we have put together a Super Dad figurine to create yourself! Blond, brown, bald, bearded or not, we must have YOUR dad in our faces. Download the model and follow our tutorial to assemble your figurine.

Models to download >> here Equipment

- scissors - paper (as rigid as possible) - a printer - glue - news: 739781 cutter


- Print the chosen model.
- Cut out the different elements, paying careful attention to the tabs.
- Cut to the news: 739781 cut the slits marked on the bust and the head of the figurine. - Mark all the folds. - Apply glue to the different tabs. - Glue the corresponding letter strips. - Repeat these operations for each element (bust, arms, legs, head).
- Assemble your Super Dad by sliding each element into the slots.
And There you go ! A nifty and original figurine to offer to your favorite dad!


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