Tutorial: create your own bow tie

Tutorial: create your own bow tie

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While it is very popular in the Scandinavian countries, the bow tie has been experiencing an empty run for a few years in France. It was without counting on the trend of made in France, with its slew of talented creators completely revisiting the bow tie. Today, we are going to learn how to create a fabric bow tie.


- a piece of fairly thick fabric with good hold - a sewing machine - an iron - a piece of scratch (male and female) - scissors - sewing pins - a needle - sewing thread - the pattern (pattern in three pieces) Sewing values: 1 cm Budget: around € 5 Duration: 2 hours


1. Make a straight line placement and cut everything double.
2. Superimpose each pair of pieces right sides together, then make the following stitches: - three sides at 1 cm on the piece of the neck band; - all around at 1 cm leaving an opening of 4 cm at the top and bottom on the piece of the knot; - the two longest sides at 1 cm on the small piece.
3. Trim 0.5 cm from the seams, then cut the corners flush with the seams.
4. Gently invert the three pieces.
5. Iron the three pieces.
6. On the piece of the knot, make a filling of 1 cm at the opening, then make a rib stitch. With the help of the boss, make the folds and stitch them to maintain them.
7. On the piece of the neck band, make a filling of 1 cm at the open end and prick rib to 0.1 cm. Place the hooks on the ends: one on the right side and one on the wrong side. Prick the pieces of scratch.
8. Fold the remaining small piece in half, then prick 0.5 cm from the end. Gently turn the piece over.
9. Insert the knot in the small piece, then place it in the middle.
10. Mark the middle of the neck band and place the assembled knot.
11. Secure the knot on the neck band with a needle.


And there you have it, a beautiful bow tie that will brighten up even the simplest of shirts! For women, the bow tie can also be worn in the hair! Far from being neutral, today, knots are really in trend!

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