NutriJus2, the new juice extractor by Siméo

NutriJus2, the new juice extractor by Siméo

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Summer is fast approaching and the desire for freshness too! To satisfy the most greedy and to vitiate your days, Siméo launches its new juice extractor. It will allow you to consume your "5 fruits and vegetables per day" in different and varied ways. The editorial staff tells you more about this small appliance that revolutionizes your days!

A juice extractor that favors the natural

Thanks to this new device, the preparation of your juices is done in no time. You no longer need to peel or cut! Simply insert the fruit or vegetables into the extractor and enjoy a fresh, natural drink. In order to preserve all the vitamins present in fruits and vegetables, NutriJus takes care of sorting thanks to its two jugs. A tasty juice comes out with a clear texture and without foam.

Varied recipes

Make original drinks! Mix and diversify fruits and vegetables to vary the pleasures and benefits of everyday life. The "home made" allows you tailor-made so take advantage. For the greediest and the most creative, the NutriJus2 offers you the possibility of making your own sorbets. In case of hot weather, all you have to do is insert the fruit, which you will have previously frozen, into the appliance and it will take care of everything. Once the sorbet is made, it is eaten immediately. Even for ice cream the robot keeps vitamins, mineral salt, enzymes and trace elements thanks to its slow rotation, unlike other presses.
Make the most of your vacation without any effort since cleaning is also very simple. The extractor is easily disassembled, pass it under running water by rubbing with the brush supplied and all the residues will be dislodged. Simeo, NutriJus2 PJ555 juice extractor, price: 229.99 euros More info on //www.simeo.tm.fr/