Before / After: Create a master suite with dressing room in a Haussmannian apartment

Before / After: Create a master suite with dressing room in a Haussmannian apartment

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The owners of this elegant Haussmannian-style apartment located in Issy les Moulineaux, dreamed of a large master suite including the bedroom, a bathroom and a closet. They called on the architect DPLG Charlotte Soissons Lenormand and the interior decorator Valérie Laporte-Volatier of the agency Les Murs a ears to conceive their ambitious project. The challenge: to rethink the partitioning and the existing surfaces of the three rooms that no longer meet the owners' lifestyle while retaining the old elements that make the space charming: parquet and moldings. Area: 30 m²

A typical room layout of Haussmannian interiors

Before: In this Hauts-de-Seine apartment, the distribution of rooms has remained that of old Haussmannian dwellings: a succession of small rooms identical in their composition and with indefinite allocation. Objective therefore: rethink the volumes in order to create a comfortable master bedroom with adjoining dressing room and bathroom by bringing together a small bedroom with neglected decoration, an impersonal corridor and a garish living room lacking unity. It is then up to the team to create and furnish this room and to develop a decor that matches the tastes and expectations of customers.

Reunification of three spaces

After: Successful bet, under the watchful eye of the owners, Charlotte and Valérie have merged and modernized the space! Scrupulous and thoughtful renovation works have restored all its splendor to this beautiful, comfortable and bright space. Once the old partitions were demolished, the team installed new partitions, thus making it possible to design this 30 m² master bedroom that the owners wanted. To preserve the original character of the space, the parquet has been sanded and glazed. Likewise, at the level of the old partitions, a parquet, identical to that of origin, was laid so that it is difficult today to distinguish the old parquet from the new. To meet the owners' very precise specifications, the agency also took over the electrical plan of the different rooms according to the new layout.

Between tradition and modernity

After: If the owners wanted a functional space, they also dreamed of a beautiful atmosphere where they could bask, dream or doze. Thus, the rooms that were once neglected and lacking unity have been transformed into a warm and cozy master bedroom where wood and light colors predominate.
The team has combined the charm of old decorative and architectural elements with more contemporary furniture and decorative accessories: graphic carpets and cushions, oval mirrors, dressing room with doors with clean lines. The Walls Agency have ears