The Murphy bed for small spaces

The Murphy bed for small spaces

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The Murphy bed is both modern and trendy. In small spaces, it stands out as a major asset that allows you to sleep in a quality bed while having a comfortable living space. There are many models available, which allows you to choose a bed that meets your needs as well as your decorative desires. Let's go to the discovery of a very clever idea.

Save space with the Murphy bed

The principle of the Murphy bed is to tidy up every day. Thus, you take full advantage of your living space without sacrificing the quality of your bed. A true alternative to the sofa bed, the Murphy bed takes various forms. The bed can be stored high up, against the wall or under a platform that houses a dining area, a desk or a small living room. Thanks to the ingenuity of the concept, you won't even have to redo your bed every day!

A personalized space adapted to your interior

The Murphy bed can also take the form of a combined piece of furniture. This will offer a library, desk and bed module, which is all you need to furnish a student's studio. Thanks to the Murphy bed, each small space becomes customizable. A real economy!

Choose a Murphy bed

Several brands specialize in the design of Murphy beds. Among her, François Desile who offers furniture all in one composed of a library, a desk, various storage and of course a bed. The set takes the shape you want with a remote control. A feat! Espace Loggia is the other creator of the mezzanine in France. The brand knows how to understand the smallest spaces to make them pleasant and perfectly equipped living spaces. Their specialty is the movable bed which allows to modify its interior effortlessly. The bed goes up to reach the ceiling. Below, as you wish, you can place a desk, chest of drawers or a small living room.
Don't hesitate to ask for advice! Tailor-made also exists.