Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I dust the TV cabinet and the library

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I dust the TV cabinet and the library

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If the objectives of day 17 seemed rather easy, I must say that I got bogged down as the challenge progressed. At first, I thought I would settle for a swipe of a microfiber cloth to make the dust accumulated on the shelves, the television and the library disappear as if by magic. And then I opened the doors of the TV cabinet. And I was disillusioned. Before we could hope to make the dust in this “temple” dedicated to entertainment, it was really necessary to improve the arrangement which hitherto consisted of piling up. I had to make up my mind to buy some supplies such as a small plastic basket spotted in Marie's bathroom and CD cabinets.

Tidy up the TV stand

The small basket is perfect for children's games. Not only does it have the ideal dimensions, but they also have better visibility of the games they have at home. Last advantage: I agree with them that the number of games must remain the same to keep it in the basket. To sum up, if a new game enters the house, another comes out! Because the rule is the same for young and old, I let my husband do the same sort of sorting with his games. As its boxes are more imposing, we decide to get rid of them after having collected the game instructions. All the CDs are grouped in a folder. We note in the photo below that the difference in size is enormous.
I also get rid of the empty boxes of the consoles which I had even forgotten about and I suddenly find a storage space far from negligible. You realize well at that time that the 15 minutes have largely been exceeded when I have not even really started this household yet. It must be said that fatigue is felt and that these 17 days of challenge are starting to weigh on morale. The holidays are approaching and it shows! I still have the satisfaction of admiring the interior of my TV cabinet in which order reigns. I took the opportunity to bring up the power strip since we had removed the partition from the bottom of the furniture expressly to better pass the wires. This helps prevent tangled wires lying around on the ground, wires that usually have nothing better to do than collect dust.

Clean your flat screen TV well

The arrival of a flat screen at home delighted everyone, especially the one who is responsible for cleaning the television! It must be said that cathode ray television with all its angles, its nooks and crannies did not facilitate the task. Unfortunately we have changed to a device that is certainly less dusty but much more fragile. You never know which product can be used to properly clean the screen, especially when there are fingerprints and therefore need to be rubbed. For my part, I use a dry microfiber cloth that collects all the dust hanging on the screen. If fingerprints are still visible, you can possibly slightly moisten your microfiber cloth and rub just as lightly. I know that there are specialized products for flat screens but so far I have managed to do without them.

Clean your library well

For the library, I use the same technique. My microfiber cloths follow me everywhere and just give them a spin in the washing machine to reuse them. The secret to a quick dust library is to make sure that the books are the same depth (not like the photo below!). If you can align your books correctly, a simple swipe of the cloth is enough to remove all the dirt.

What you must remember

Storage and cleaning are two different things. If I failed the challenge of the day miserably, it was because I wanted to do too well. I certainly did not waste my time but I did not spend it cleaning. You have to clean from top to bottom . I had already put forward this advice on the fourth day in the kitchen but it works for all rooms of the house. By making the dust from top to bottom, you do not risk dirtying what you have just cleaned. Admit that it is essential! Tomorrow we will almost finish the living room: it will be the turn of the table, the chairs and the living room floor (parquet for me). Monday we will attack and finish with the windows and curtains of the living room.