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. The Natimamba contemporary timber frame house Natilia built a 59 m² contemporary wooden frame house for this family, comprising 2 bedrooms, 1 living room and sanitary facilities, as well as a 15 m² terrace. Inspired by the Natimamba house model, this outbuilding created especially for this family has a finish with composite cement siding, for a natural and contemporary design and requiring little maintenance. The realization of this wooden house could be possible thanks to the technology and the speed of assembly of our constructions. 1 day was enough to assemble the house, because the walls arrive on site ready to be assembled, thanks to the double insulation, the waterproofing, the joinery and their motorized roller shutters already integrated in the factory. Our models are suitable for passive houses, thanks to their double interior and exterior insulation, twice as efficient as a traditional wall, which helps to combat thermal bridges. The Natilia wall saves energy, low greenhouse gas emissions and uses wood: the only material with a positive carbon footprint. Natilia has carried out over 1000 constructions of wooden houses to date in France. To find out more about our environmental houses accessible to all: - 1st network of French wooden frame house builders with more than 30 agencies - 100% French - RT 2012 and positive energy house (BEPOS) - 2 ranges of houses: contemporary and traditional NATILIA Site: www.maison-natilia.fr/ Contact the agency near you: //www.maison-natilia.fr/agences Facebook: //www.facebook.com/Natilia.Officiel Youtube: //www.youtube .com / user / Natiliaofficiel POBI construction system: //www.pobi.fr/ Become a Natilia franchisee: //franchise.maison-natilia.fr/ Discover the Natilia commercial offer for this spring 2015! Contact: //www.maison-natilia.fr/contacts Installation and installation of cladding on the extension The product we supplied for cladding the facade on a wooden frame: HardiePlank © composite concrete clapboard cladding The advantages of this product:
• Low maintenance and easy to clean
• Exceptional durability: the blades preserve their stability against frost, heat, extreme temperature changes, prolonged humidity and wind
• High resistance to fire, mold and pests
• Design flexibility: horizontal or vertical installation, 2 textures, a large choice of colors and a random arrangement of the wood ribs, unique on the market
• Simple and quick assembly (with our setting rods): light, inert product, which can be placed edge to edge (no expansion joint required) and easy to cut (HardieGuillotine ™). © HardiePlank Clapboard cladding in composite cement by James Hardie Site: www.jameshardie.fr/ Address: James Hardie Bâtiment SAS 6, place de la Madeleine 6th floor 75008 Paris France Tel .: Customer service (free number): 0800 90 30 69 Email: [email protected]


. Waterproofing of the terrace roof Use of SIPLAST brand bituminous membranes. A first nailed layer type Irex profile, Then an insulator stuck on this membrane. A second self-adhesive membrane bonded to Adepar-type insulation, Bituminous membrane squares hot-bonded to the periphery of the Parequerre terrace, A third self-protected bituminous membrane with slate flakes fully bonded to the Paradiènne flame, And a finishing layer on the peripheral statements in self-protected bituminous membrane fully bonded to the Supradial type flame. SIPLAST Partner brands: VELUX; TERREAL, IMERYS, ETERNIT, BATIROC, SIPLAST. Site: www.ogetcouverture.com Address: Sarl Oget Claude 501 Avenue Edmond Démolins 27130 Verneuil sur Avre Tel: Port: Mail: [email protected] Stisolétanch® Access Rigid EPS panel with straight edges for insulation under independent waterproofing coating on inaccessible, technical roof, accessible to pedestrians, in the living room, with hard protection or slabs on studs. -Igni THE + PRODUCT Allows to meet thermal regulations Light product allowing to increase site productivity Reduction of the arduousness of implementation DESTINATION Destination: Thermal insulation Use: Roof terrace TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Type of insulation: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) EN13163 PERFORMANCES Thermal conductivity l: 34 mW / mK Reaction to fire: E Reaction to fire (CE class): E Find your Placo® solution for each room in the house on toutplaco.com. Roof Foldings NORMANDY FOLDING Custom folding - Lacquering - Cladding profiles - Mud flaps - Blankets - Locksmith - Boiler making - Metalwork - Laser cutting Site: www.normandie-pliage.com Mail: [email protected] Tel: 02 32 44 20 18 Fax: 02 32 43 15 32 Address: Cyril Jouen ZI St laurent "le Mont Rôti" 27170 Beaumont le Roger


. 1 100 L flask with tripods The Waterslim is an electric flat water heater that is only 20 cm thick. The WaterSlim water heater is designer, it fits everywhere to save you one square meter of floor space. It delivers hot water in record time, while consuming less energy! It is very easy to install since it is delivered ready to install with a complete hydraulic kit. It is a French innovation guaranteed for 7 years. Space saving / Easy to install / 100% stainless steel tank / Reduced heating time / Capacity: 50 or 100 liters / High energy performance. WATERSLIM //www.waterslim.com/fr tel. to contact for info: 01 73 79 58 12 port. Contact for info: 06 29 14 33 89 email to contact for info: [email protected] postal address: 17 rue Dumont d'Urville, 75116 Paris Baseboard heating A real revolution in terms of comfort and thermal performance, ECOMATIC plinth heating optimizes the well-known thermodynamic principles of convection, inertia and radiation. It eliminates any feeling of cold emanating from the peripheral walls whose surface is brought to temperature and acts as a radiant panel. The principle of the heating wall The plinth heating distributes the heat distribution uniformly all along the peripheral walls, at ground level. It creates an ascending thermal veil which prevents the cold from penetrating. ECOMATIC Designed and manufactured in Alsace. ECOMATIC is located in Alsace, an industrial region par excellence with major brands and recognized know-how in the field of heating, building and development. 140 of these Alsatian companies are members of the cluster "Pôle Aménagement de la Maison en Alsace", federated around a common project: to design as of today the solutions of development of the house of tomorrow. Alsace is also characterized by an attachment to certain values ​​such as thoroughness, punctuality, common sense, respect for commitments, reliability… which are highly appreciated by all of our customers, whether they are prescribers or users. . MADE IN ALSACE also expresses the commitment of a corporate citizen, follower of "sustainable economic development", to maintain and develop industrial employment in Alsace. Site: www.ecomatic.fr Address: ECOMATIC Sales and Showroom direction 14 rue de l'Industrie 67720 Z.I. Hoerdt Tel: +33 (0) 9 54 46 02 79 Thermor towel dryers For your bathrooms, Thermor offers a whole range of towel warmers that combine comfort, savings and design! Inspired by the latest trends in bathroom decoration and accessories, Thermor has chosen to offer bathroom radiators in timeless colors: Menhir gray, Slate gray, carbon black, ivory, caramel, chocolate, burgundy, Provence blue. In addition to bringing a touch of design in your bathroom, these latest generation towel warmers will bring you a little daily comfort that you will not know how to do without: a bathroom heated to the right temperature, towels warm to out of the shower! Our expert installers remain at your disposal for any information, project, or request for a quote. Do not hesitate to submit your project on www.thermor.fr, you will be put in contact with the craftsman closest to you. THERMOR Site: www.thermor.fr Contact: //www.thermor.fr/vous-avez-un-projet


. Decorative interior doors Baie Range Placed in renovation, bring a contemporary touch to the house. Different finishes allow multiple possibilities from the same design. The door frame renovation solution adapts to all the doors of the house, whatever their finish. It's up to you to imagine the one that best matches your decoration! BAY RANGE Gamme Baie is a national brand to support all individuals in the energy renovation of the house (renovation of windows and doors in all materials, renovation of interior door units, etc.). Backed by a 100% French manufacturer, a historical specialist in exterior and interior carpentry, Gamme Baie completes its offer with leading insulation partners. Thus a complete eco-renovation solution can be offered to individuals. : Site: www.gammebaie.com Tel. Fax. Link to resellers: //www.gammebaie.com/trouver-expert/