Multipoint lock: how to install it?

Multipoint lock: how to install it?

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The multi-point lock provides optimal protection against any attempted break-in. Depending on the model chosen, it closes a door at once on three or five points, with a unique key. The models of locks labeled A2P are more effective and meet the security standards which the insurance companies take into account in the event of intrusion. Here are the steps to follow to correctly install a multi-point lock. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a renovation or a door installation

Install a multi-point lock: remove the old lock

Disassemble the door and place it on trestles. If your old lock is a concealed cylinder lock, you will need to remove the screw that supports the barrel and remove it from its housing. You will also unscrew the two fixing points of the old lock. A multi-point lock is always delivered with its complete equipment: installation template, linkage and strikes. Using the template, you will mark, on the door, the fixing point of your new lock, as well as the drilling point of its cylinder. Make sure that the axis of the square belonging to the handle is installed 1.05 m from the ground surface. You can then reseal the different holes of the barrel and screws, left by the previous lock, with a two-component wood pulp.

Install a multi-point lock: install the central lock

Using a flat drill bit or a hole saw, drill the barrel hole. Then place the multi-point lock on the door and mark in pencil the circumference of its headrest. Then, using wood scissors, you will neatly cut the lock housing, to a depth of 3 mm. You can then drill the four fixing holes for the new lock. Install the multi-point lock, as well as the bolts and rods, without screwing them. Align the edge of the bolts, according to the edge of the door, and permanently install the new lock.

Install a multi-point lock: install the linkage

You will place the upper strike so that its end is aligned with the top of the door. Then adjust the size of the top and bottom rods, taking into account the part that will arise in the marquees, when closing, or 14 mm maximum. Cut the rods to the correct length with a hacksaw. If they are telescopic rods, you can slide them, until you get the desired length. Then attach their guides and make sure the multi-point lock is working properly.

Install a multi-point lock: arrange the strikes

In order to correctly locate the place of the bolts at the level of the frame and the ground, you will need to put the door back on its hinges. You will then close the lock, and present the lower strike at ground level, in order to adjust its position. Door ajar, identify the location of the holes used to fix the floor strike and make holes in them. Place the most suitable dowels on it. You can then fix the strike. You will proceed in the same way to install the 2 intermediate strikes.