Rent your wedding decor instead of buying it

Rent your wedding decor instead of buying it

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We all know that a wedding can be very expensive, and it is sometimes difficult to skimp on decoration! Unless you have an unlimited budget or have lots of furniture, crockery and other decorative items, buying the equipment necessary for the ceremony can quickly represent a very high cost. And then difficult to reuse all these accessories ... This is why, there are many rental sites. Discover our favorite addresses!

Rent beautiful dishes for a unique table decor

The Charlette & Juliotte brand offers vintage sets, consisting of unique pieces from the years 1900 to 1960. The two founding sisters, Charlotte and Juliette, are based near Lille but accompany you in your events throughout France.
The house Sur un Plateau offers the rental of dishes, glassware, cutlery but also more original objects such as vintage ice cream carts, all in colorful tones. Finally, Adélie Réception offers rental by unit or different formulas depending on the number of guests. Most ? The brand delivers and installs the equipment, before taking it back to the place of your reception.

Rent the furniture for the reception room

Regarding furniture, call with your eyes closed to Options, which rents wooden tables and bistro-style chairs, or else to Be Lounge, the specialist in nomad tent, which also offers furniture for hire. The Aktuel agency is specialized in the rental of event furniture in Paris, Marseille and Cannes. You can even request a quote online before committing. If you have bet on an eco-friendly decor, contact Decoroom to rent salvage furniture made of wood from pallets, or Bambou Anjou Reception, which offers tents and marquees whose structure is designed in bamboo.

Rent decorative accessories

For your wedding day to be perfect, you will need a multitude of decorative accessories to set the tone for your reception space! Table decoration (tablecloths, table runners, centerpieces) can be rented, as are chair covers and knots, as well as ribbons and other pieces of tulle or fabric. Small decorative objects such as candles, tealight holders, name holders and menu holders or vases are often more profitable to rent.
If you are looking for antiques with crazy charm, go to La Brocante de la Bruyère, where you can find jars or mirrors. If you bet on a retro theme, you will also find your happiness on La Bohème, Big Day Bazaar and O Bonheur des Dames!


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