The mistakes to avoid when you want a pastel color kitchen

The mistakes to avoid when you want a pastel color kitchen

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Mistake to Avoid # 1: Neglecting Lighting

If you think pastel is a safe bet and it is hardly possible to make missteps, think again! Be aware, for example, that certain colors such as mauve or lavender can quickly give the blues and create an impression of coldness in the kitchen.

Make it a point of honor to select bright, clear and colorful colors such as mint green, chick yellow or peach pink.

Also don't forget to optimize your natural lighting! As for the light fixtures, prefer white bulbs to those with yellow light. This avoids denaturing certain pastel colors.

Mistake to Avoid # 2: Thinking Pastel Colors Are Not Appropriate in a Kitchen

If a priori pastel colors are ideal for rooms where it is good to rest and relax - bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms - note that they can also easily adapt to a kitchen. In a small kitchen, they will bring brightness and change from the traditional white wall a little boring.

Want to succumb to pastel fashion? Remember that as with a Nordic type decoration, it will revolve around three axes: pastel colors, light wood and neutral colors for the walls.

Choose, for example, blond wood furniture, which, combined with the white of the wall, household appliances and pastel decorative accessories, will create a cheerful and serene atmosphere in all of your kitchen.

For a more original kitchen, you can opt for pastel pink on your walls or your kitchen furniture. Associated with golden metal and a few small touches of green (on accessories or an art deco splashback), this changes from the usual kitchens.

Mistake to Avoid # 3: Falling into the Total Look

The colors of candies and ice creams are at the heart of the pastel trend! However, it would be a mistake to think that they lend themselves to a total look, under penalty of seeing his kitchen turn into marshmallow. On the contrary, we prefer to temper all these pretty colors with more neutral elements or on the contrary darker graphic lines.

We therefore avoid associating pastel walls with pastel kitchen furniture, a pastel splashback, furniture such as a table and chairs in formica or pastel wood… It is necessary that certain elements of your kitchen be more neutral, in order to put in value the pretty pastel shades chosen for the decoration of the room.

We therefore favor a few touches of pastel colors: kitchen accessories (crockery, small household appliances, etc.), decoration accessories such as posters or a nice carpet. You can also distil pretty pastel colors on a tiled splashback, to add pep's to a Scandinavian-inspired cuisine.

Mistake to Avoid # 4: Believe that the marriage of styles does not mix!

Pastel colors remain emblematic of the design of the 1950s. However, their evanescent and poetic side allows them to easily adapt to all decorative styles: romantic, country, contemporary or Nordic in particular.

Think for example of an alliance of vintage and contemporary furniture, which will give character to your kitchen in the blink of an eye. This accentuates the retro side of pastel shades.

Do not hesitate to mix the materials: wooden furniture and mismatched metal chairs for example. Finally, we could not repeat it to you, distribute the pastel shades by small touches or on a central element as a centerpiece.


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