Cross-talk with Sarah Sellam and Steven Domin, creators of La Plume à la Bêche

Cross-talk with Sarah Sellam and Steven Domin, creators of La Plume à la Bêche

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She is the "feather", he is the "spade". As a couple in life as in the garden, Sarah Sellam and Steven Domin reinvent the outdoor spaces of tomorrow every day. Whether terraces, balconies, or city gardens, the duo asserts its style, tinged with poetry and a unique artistic touch. After presenting their Polypode Cabin, an original creation based on climbing plants and recycled materials, at the 2014 "Jardins, Jardin" show in Paris, Sarah Sellam and Steven Domin are continuing their quest for the ideal garden today: aesthetic, natural and contemporary , embellished with a touch of recovery and handmade.

How did you start the adventure "From the feather to the spade"?

Sarah : We met on the school benches in Rennes, while we were starting our studies in landscaping. Steven having had the click well before me concerning his orientation, he was able to complete his license a few years earlier and start to work in the field while I validated my landscaping diploma at the national higher school of landscape of Versailles. We then exercised each on our own - in a different but very complementary way - before seriously considering combining our skills. Encouraged by our entourage, we finally crossed the threshold of business creation in January 2014 despite the complicated economic context. Steven : From the start, we wanted to highlight our complementarity, as well as the artistic and creative aspect that characterizes our work. The diversion of materials, metal and concrete in particular, has become our trademark: we recycle many 'elements from old construction sites by integrating them into various containers, layout, furniture ...

How do you stage these recycled materials?

Steven : We avoid buying prefabricated materials as much as possible, in favor of recycled materials that we transform ourselves. Sarah having learned the techniques of wicker wickerwork, she uses her know-how by mixing metal rods and natural branches to imagine pots, trellises and pergolas of a new kind. It was from his creations that the idea for the Polypode cabin was born.

This cabin has become a real signature… How did you design it?

Steven : Our desire was to create a structure that adapts to all types of places, and particularly to the urban environment. This vegetable cocoon, ideal for sunny and exposed outdoor spaces, allows you to play with light and shade thanks to a work on the densities of braiding mixing metal, wicker and vegetable stems. It is mainly composed of metal branches integrated in rusty iron containers, treated then varnished, on which grow various climbing plants. This open cabin therefore serves as a support for a varied vegetation, selected for its aesthetic qualities and resistance to urban constraints: climbing and sarmenting plants, aromatic and medicinal, vegetable and ornamental or more simply spontaneous vegetation. Sarah : Its name is also a nod to the Polypode fern, which grows very well in urban areas, even if its primary meaning comes from its multiple feet…

How do you envision the garden of tomorrow?

Sarah : Gilles Clément, our teacher and mentor, taught us the importance of ecology and the challenges in terms of biodiversity in our environment. We therefore use very few cleaning products in our gardens, in favor of 100% ecological techniques. We also favor the mixture of wild plants with horticultural plants in order to bring a more natural aesthetic to our creations… Steven : The more autonomous the garden, the less it requires outside intervention: the work of the garden becomes much more pleasant, while the garden grows at its own pace. More info on


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