Gates and gates: build them, decorate them, flower them

Gates and gates: build them, decorate them, flower them

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Beyond their usefulness (delimitation of spaces and fence), gates and gates can present a formidable decorative asset, and even become the starting point for pretty stories in the garden! For them to be unique, prefer them mottled, customized and handmade, and enhance them with a few pretty plants.

The portal, an introduction to your garden

The portal marks the entrance to your property and sets the tone: it is an introduction to your garden. To choose it, it is generally advisable to respect the style of the house so that it is in harmony with the facade: do not choose it rustic and romantic if your house is contemporary for example. You can buy your gate in a specialized store or a DIY sign, or have it made to measure by a craftsman, a cabinetmaker or an ironworker. You can even find it in a flea market or on free classified ads sites, if you are looking for an old metallic portal for example: charm guaranteed! You will then have to renovate it by stripping it, applying an anti-rust and painting it with the color of your choice - by finding a shade that will sublimate it and differentiate it from other grids in the neighborhood…

The gate: make way for fantasy!

Then, inside your garden, you can organize the spaces so that you can install a gate leading to the vegetable patch, for example, or to the children's area. It allows more fantasy and it is with it that you will be able to show your visitors what you like in terms of style, colors, theme ... "It's about partitioning the garden to make you want to go see elsewhere, to arouse interest, enthuses landscaper Eric Leboucher. Give it personality. Each visitor will then want to open the door and 'go to the other side', in your little world ".

Handmade for a unique decoration

If PVC gates are more and more common due to their reasonable cost and ease of maintenance, the charm of materials such as wood and metal is undeniable. For the garden to be unique and exciting, it must contain elements that are found nowhere else. Only one solution: bet on handmade. "With a few basic DIY concepts, you can create your own model, easy to assemble and solid," advises Brigitte Lapouge-Déjean in her encyclopedia Design and flower your garden (Editions Terre Vivante). She also offers step-by-step guides to guide you through this project.

Wood, for the craziest achievements

The simplest solution is the teak gate. But for more originality, for example favor reclaimed wood for a custom gate construction, and launch into a simple portal design, on paper, which you can then reproduce using a few turns of screws or a few nails planted… Very easy to make from pallets or wooden decking boards! A stroke of yellow paint on a 'sun' gate, and voila! You can also simply stain it to protect it from the weather if you prefer to keep its raw appearance. Finally, you have the possibility of making another more rustic and sober model from chestnut stakes ... Wood really allows you to create many unique models! You can also find little treasures by doing a search with local artisans or on the Internet (like here).

Wrought iron, always lovely

If you like metal, you can have your fence and gate made by a good blacksmith. But the recovered solution is less expensive and even more exciting! "What a pleasure to run in flea markets or plant festivals - decorators bring pretty things to it!", Says Sonja Gauron. "We sometimes find in garage sales old iron beds or simple pieces of ornate grilles," says Brigitte Lapouge-Déjean, who specifies that it is possible to "Find a headboard, for example, to transform it into charm gate - by means of an ironworker to carry out some welding ".

Dress your gates and fences with flowers

Well surrounded, the gate is framed with the choice of a stone wall, a bamboo fence, wrought iron, wicker or woven willow, ivy panels, a low hedge of small fruits or worked boxwood and cut for a more modern effect… Perfect for backing up, for example, fruit trees, climbing roses, a wisteria… "The flowering of the gate and the fence is a nice way to enhance access to the vegetable garden, notes Sonja Gauron, which is not the most elegant part of a garden, generally. So let's play the flowered vegetable garden! For example I like to run lilies and semi-climbing roses on a fence of chestnut stakes: a simple romantic idea but effective ". The vegetable garden is generally exposed due south, its surroundings are then an easy place to flower where almost everything can be planted. "And to decorate the gate itself, I know two great practices, explains in turn Frédéric Rochette from hanging flower boxes with hanging plants: petunias, bidens (yellow), small roses. This gives the possibility to change its decor every year. Otherwise you can plant twining plants nearby (ipomée ...), which come to be caught in the barrier, and bloom all summer long. " Finally, Brigite Lapouge-Déjean advises: "To dress a barrier, nothing like a nonchalant liana to erase the regularity of a fence and give the work a little rustic air. The selection will focus on plants with long branches flexible enough to form a garland. " All kinds of plants trained on a metal fence are also very nice, so encourage evergreen leaves!

The icing on the cake: the arch above the portal

The English love it: the arch above the portal to raise a creeper or climbing rose: what cachet! It lends itself perfectly to old shrub roses such as 'Ghislaine de Féligonde', 'Pierre de Ronsard', 'Iceberg'. You can also opt for honeysuckle or a viburnum, a syringat, a lilac, abelias; if you cannot choose among these splendors, install two different plants on each side so that they meet and mix at the top of the arch! Reserve the wisteria for very solid supports taking place in a large space. Another fun idea: attaching mulberry, kiwi or drooping strawberries 'Mount Everest' to it: a great solution for producing large quantities of fruit while dressing a gate! Thanks : - Sonja Gauron from Jardins de Sonja, 5 rue de la Martinerie in Le Perray en Yvelines (, - Eric Leboucher (, - Frédéric Rochette from, - M. Sence from Jardin Création ( To read : - The Living Earth Guide - Planning and flowering your garden , by Brigitte Lapouge-Déjean and Denis Pépin, € 35.