Viking, household appliances inspired by professional devices

Viking, household appliances inspired by professional devices

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Viking, the American brand of kitchen equipment, leader for 30 years, has created a new range of professional appliances but only intended for individuals. The chefs have only to keep well, with these stoves, you will compete in ingenuity!

The induction hob

The MagneQuick TM induction hob transforms electricity into a magnetic field which reacts on contact with the iron contained in cooking utensils and instantly converts it into a heat source. Thus, heat is quickly transmitted to the food, for 90% efficient cooking. The 91cm wide model has 6 large fireplaces with a maximum power of 3,700 watts.

A double door oven

The new Viking oven has the largest capacity on the market! The door opens with one hand and the accompanying door opens simultaneously. The two-speed convection system allows the fan to rotate in both directions, providing maximum air circulation and therefore better cooking.

High tech cookers

The latest addition to the range is the SERIES 7 range with an integrated oven. This offers 12 cooking modes as well as an ignition system allowing the burner to be automatically lit or re-lit if the flame goes out. A hot plate (reversible plancha) is available. Just like an innovative meat thermometer (accessory), which controls the cooking of the meat even from a distance thanks to Bluetooth.

A king's barbecue

Viking offers 4 barbecue models to transform your garden into a kitchen. The grills named series 5 can be built into a custom space or placed on a steel cart. The cooking surface allows you to grill any type of meat from tuna to turkey (up to 34kg). New options are also available, including an interior heated to 649 ° C, a digital thermometer and ceramic briquettes that capture fat and use it to flavor your cooking.
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