WC without flange for top hygiene

WC without flange for top hygiene

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DirectFlush, Rimfree, Connect… these names probably don't mean much to you! However, these are the first "flangeless" toilets, toilets of a new kind which have the distinction of being devoid of the peripheral fold located at the level of the toilet seat. Thanks to this new kind of technology, no more inaccessible corners subject to the proliferation of bacteria and germs in the bowl. Make way for a new standard in terms of hygiene which, for sure, will not leave you indifferent!

Flangeless technology, quésako?

In so-called traditional toilets, the flange corresponds to the internal rim through which the flushing water flows. Effective, but not very hygienic because difficult to access, this element proves to be the ideal refuge for germs and other dirt. Faced with this observation, many sanitary manufacturers sensitive to this problem have looked into the issue and have imagined "flangeless" toilets. These have the particularity of ignoring this dubious and restrictive corner to reveal an open and enamelled space. The absence of this flange is however compensated by a slight relief, a sort of chute located at the water outlet, which ensures the distribution of water in the bowl for drainage and perfect rinsing. And, to overcome the annoyance of splashes, they designed solutions called Connect, DirectFlush or Rimfree. Systems designed to avoid any splashing of water and thus achieve the most effective rinsing possible.

Four reasons to choose a flangeless toilet

Hygiene: As you can see, the flangeless bowls eliminate the element responsible for the multiplication of bacteria. Thanks to this technology, hygiene is now maintained in places that were previously difficult to access. Bonus, cleaning is facilitated thus saving time and efficiency. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it! Effectiveness: New water propulsion technologies allow the evacuation of materials in an efficient and effective way and obviously without splashing. Result, top hygiene!
Design: These new models of toilets offer a modern and attractive design which can be easily integrated into all types of bathroom. WC hanging or ready to ask you to make your choice! Economic : Finally, you no longer have to do your utmost to clean your toilets using conventional toilet rim cleaning products! They will not get dirty anymore! Magic !


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