Kitchen utensils Nicolas Vahé, French cook in Denmark

Kitchen utensils Nicolas Vahé, French cook in Denmark

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The weather is nice, you want to cook good and light, to make good marinated grills, Nicolas Vahé preceded you by imagining pretty sets of utensils. To discover right away!

But who is behind Nicolas Vahé?

Nicolas Vahé is a chef and a pastry chef. He worked in many starred restaurants like Pic Valence, then he moved to Denmark in 2000. There, he created his own brand of delicatessen products as well as a range of kitchen accessories. with a modern and authentic look. Coming from a family of chefs, it was his grandmother who introduced him to making recipes as delicious as they were original. He kept this spirit to offer aesthetic utensils and products full of flavors.

A set for salads

We start with a set of bamboo utensils for cooking on the terrace. It consists of two salad servers, a spatula, a classic spoon for mixing and serving, and a perforated spoon called 'risotto', ideal for mixing less fluid preparations.

A barbecue set

You want to replace your husband and run the barbecue. Here is a set of accessories with a BBQ set (bamboo sausage tongs, cooler bag, bamboo spoons or forks, marinade set). We say thank you to Nicolas Vahé for this Scandinavian design imagined by the famous brand House Doctor.

A set of flavored products

Let us not forget that Nicolas Vahé was initially a cook. So obviously, he also thought of a range of flavored salts (garlic, chilli, parmesan), ketchups, olive oils and vinegar. All the condiments you will need to accompany your summer recipes. More info on // and //