Tutorial: an original kit for colored pencils

Tutorial: an original kit for colored pencils

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Among the items on the endless list of things to buy for college visual arts lessons, colored pencils were certainly the ones that served the most. But these colored pencils were also accompanied by one of the most frustrating things that could happen at the bottom of the backpack: the metal box that opens and overturns all the pencils! Today, we are going to ignore this phenomenon by learning how to make a practical kit for colored pencils!


- a piece of felt 50 cm long and 25 cm wide - 70 cm of cotton cord 2.5 mm in diameter - a news: 739781 cutter - colored pencils - a square Budget: about 10 € Duration : 1 hour


1. To start, mark the marks of the retaining strips through which the crayons will pass. Each pencil is held in place by two felt strips 8 cm from the bottom and top edge. The felt strips are 2 cm long, 1 cm high and are spaced 1 cm apart.
2. Cut the strips with an actu: 739781 cutter following the marks, then insert the colored pencils. At one end, cut a notch 1 cm to 12.5 cm from the top edge and 2 cm from the side edge.
3. Fold the cord in half and pass it through the notch. Finally tie a knot to block it.


You have just made a pretty pencil case! You can now discover our video tutorial to customize your pencils before putting them in your new kit!

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