Video: the garden in autumn

Video: the garden in autumn

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Thanks to the advice of experts from the Plant Clinic, learn the good gestures of the gardener. Today, Arnaud explains how to take care of your garden in the fall. Follow his analysis and recommendations on video!

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Latest harvests

The end of summer does not mean the end of the harvest. Thus, some apple and pear trees continue to offer you their fruits, like walnut, hazelnut or quince. As for vegetables, there is still time to collect eggplant, cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, onions, leeks, potatoes or fennel. It is also time to uproot the bulbs of perennial plants such as dahlias, tulips or gladioli. Out of the ground, they can be sheltered while waiting to be replanted next spring.

New plantations

As the saying goes, " at Sainte Catherine (November 25), all wood takes root "The end of November is in fact the ideal time of year to plant shrubs, like the rosebush, as well as ornamental or fruit trees. They will thus have time to take root before the first frosts and will be strong enough to tackle the dryness of the following summer. However, rely more on the weather than on the calendar. Some early frosts may occur as early as November. Conversely, you can enjoy sufficiently mild temperatures all winter. .

Protect from frost

Do not wait for the first gels to take in your cold-sensitive plants. Please note, however, that they fall ill more easily inside a house, a veranda, than outside. It is therefore an opportunity to inspect your plants. Observe for the presence of insects or disease. Eliminate sick or injured parts and wash the leaves thoroughly with clear water, or even soapy water if insects are present. You can even take the opportunity to repot your plants in a clean pot. To store your plants, choose a bright room that you can ventilate enough.