DIY kids: a funny pencil holder with a bottle of shampoo

DIY kids: a funny pencil holder with a bottle of shampoo

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The colored pencils and the markers that hang everywhere, as a mom and dad, you know, right? Here is a DIY idea that could well encourage your dear blond heads to put away their pencils with enthusiasm ... You just have to keep the next family size shower gel or shampoo bottles when they are empty and recycle them to make very nice jars with pencils. Imagine with your children the monsters, animals, monster animals that you will create and that will soon swallow up all the pencils that are lying around. Personally, I like frogs, so I offer you a small DIY to make a frog pencil pot with long teeth, get inspired and personalize yours! What you will need: - an empty family size shower gel or shampoo bottle - sticker paper - Bristol board - green spray paint - news: 739781 cutter - a pair of scissors - markers - glue (which fits on the plastic)

DIY inspired by Madame Criativa's creations


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