How to visually enlarge a small kitchen?

How to visually enlarge a small kitchen?

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Having a small kitchen is not the end of the world. Whether it is open to the living room or closed, you can visually enlarge it by choosing the right furniture, the right colors and applying our advice! Here are all of our tips and tricks to make your little kitchen big.

Choose your furniture and appliances well

In a small kitchen, you have to work on the depth of the furniture. We choose pieces of furniture of 60 cm for the space which will receive the hobs, the oven, the dishwasher or even the refrigerator and for the rest, we are satisfied with pieces of furniture of 45 cm even 30 cm if it is possible . On the home appliance side, we put on the compact and the multifunction. Today there are combined oven and microwave but also combined hob and dishwasher, a boon for small spaces. Also think of household robots which today also cook food! Ideal for clearing the worktop and gaining space visually.

Bet on simplicity

In small kitchens, we choose furniture with light colors and a neutral design. We prefer light bulky spots that will give a beautiful light and we get rid of curtains and blinds at the window. In terms of decoration, we choose plants that bring a touch of color with subtlety and we opt for mirrors that distribute the light and visually enlarge the space.

Use every space

In a small kitchen, you have to be smart! Use the full height of the wall by choosing very tall furniture or by placing shelves. Create storage under the bar, make your dining area on the central island, in short, use each square meter.

Put away!

And yes, a small kitchen must be particularly tidy. Opt for metal jars and boxes, very practical and very pretty on the shelves. Hang your utensils to free the worktop. And don't let yourself be overwhelmed! Store as you go.