DIY kids: make monster magnets with plastic caps

DIY kids: make monster magnets with plastic caps

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It's not complicated to make funny magnets. The proof is in this DIY. Here is a little fun activity to do with the family using recycled materials. With simple plastic bottle stoppers that you will have taken care to collect, cork stoppers, and old flat fridge magnets, you will be able to obtain sympathetic magnets which will amuse many children. To decorate your fridge, your sticky note slate or the little ones' magnetic board! Plan for this realization: - plastic caps - cork stoppers - ready-to-use round magnets or old flat magnets to cut - a pair of scissors - a news: 739781 cutter - acrylic paint of different colors - news: 739807 brushes - strong glue - movable eyes - a black felt tip pen - a white ink pen
DIY inspired by the creations of the Coastalways blog and Esprit Cabane


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