Tutorial: twisted earrings in suede

Tutorial: twisted earrings in suede

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Contrary to popular belief, making your own earrings is much simpler than you think. Simple, firstly because the basic material can be summed up in just a few pliers, but above all because the specialist shops offer an impressive number of pieces to make them! Today we are going to learn how to make twisted earrings in suede.

Equipment :

- perforating pliers (we used a Crop-a-dile pliers) - a 30 cm suede lace - a flat pliers - a pair of scissors - glue - two golden rings - two ear hooks Budget: approx. 15 € Duration: 1 hour


1. Start by cutting the suede lace into two 15 cm pieces. Form a double loop as in the photo, then fix the two ends with a point of glue.
2. Punch the two glued ends with the hole-punch pliers.
3. Insert a gold ring in the two holes.
4. Attach the ear hooks.


And here it is, it is not more complicated than that! Use a thinner suede lace to make smaller curls. You can also vary the shapes by following our second tutorial to make earrings in suede!

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