Halloween: my table decoration "El dia de los muertos"

Halloween: my table decoration "El dia de los muertos"

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The pretty brand Zoé Confetti, which has existed since 2010, specializes in event decoration and party supplies. To celebrate the scariest event of the year, it offers a collection that puts Mexico in the spotlight! With the products of the "El día de los muertos" line, you will be able to decorate your room and your table. If there is one party celebrated in the United States, it's Halloween! This is an opportunity for young and old to dress in their best costumes and have fun around a good meal, and handfuls of candy! But very often, we combine black, white and orange to be in this particular theme. These three shades, a little sad, are now over! The trend is for colorful celebration! Mexican skull make-up, pop flowers… Everything is good to spice up October 31! Are you planning to receive? The "El día de los muertos" collection by Zoé Confetti will allow you to welcome your guests in an exceptional setting! A wind of terror with Mexican sauce will blow in your dining room… Sprinkle your table with confetti and party favors, hang posters on the walls or hang a skeleton to scare your guests! You will then get an original style that we will not see anywhere else! For your table decoration, the brand has also thought of creating ephemeral tableware in Halloween colors. Opt for paper cups and plates, or wine glasses and customize them with labels. If you choose larger accessories, choose holographic frames or a luminous skull. And finally, give your children a candy bucket so they can go and ask for candy from the neighbors!
1. Married skeletons, 42cm, 7.95 euros on / 2. Place brands, 6cm, 4.75 euros for 6 pieces on / 3. Cardboard decoration, 38cm, 1.15 euros on / 4. Fan 5.95 euros on / 5. Balloon 3.50 euros on


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