Before / After: renovation of a three-room apartment of 65 m2

Before / After: renovation of a three-room apartment of 65 m2

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Renovation respectful of the existing, but radical change of style, for this atypical apartment of 65 m². From the kitchen to the dining area, including the bathroom, this singular three-room apartment benefited from a second youth in the hands of the interior designer Philippe Carillo, a member of the interior designers group. Demonstration in pictures. Area : 65 m²

A metamorphosed corridor

Before: The narrow and unadorned corridor benefits from a nice opening which unfortunately was not exploited by the previous owner. After : From floor to ceiling, the space has been redesigned. Various tips were found by the interior designer to create an illusion of grandeur in this small hallway: installation of a mirror, installation of the parquet horizontally and use of the window thanks to the installation of a large bench.

A well-appointed kitchen

Before : Removable suspended fittings, sliding doors, low light and total lack of harmony for this kitchen of another time. Not very practical and not very functional, it is no longer suitable for the contemporary uses of new occupants. After : Successful facelift for this kitchen where wood, metal and white color now coexist with accuracy. The mirrored credenzas and the various openings designed by Philippe Carillo helped bring light and give an impression of grandeur to the space. The central island, for its part, moved to be adjacent to a pipe, which freed up space for a table and its chairs and thus created a dining area.

A living room bathed in light

Before : Darkened by a far too dark ceiling, the living room is sorely lacking in clarity and light. Cluttered by a hanging shelf and wall storage, the space, poorly arranged, needs to be completely revised, without touching the load-bearing elements of the structure. After : The stainless steel fireplace has been preserved and enhanced by a layout welcoming the TV set and auxiliary equipment. The space was illuminated thanks to the immaculate ceiling and industrial-style lighting, a nod to the metal dining table. Finally, the leather sofa and armchair, of modern inspiration, bring a rigor which is counterbalanced by the curved shapes of the coffee tables.

A warm bathroom

Before : The worktop and the splashback, poorly tuned, once again darken the somewhat old-fashioned bathroom. After : Harmonized with each other, the neutral tones, fresh but warm at the same time, offer a rather chic note to the whole. A porcelain stoneware imitating wood has been laid on the ground while going up over the widths thus inviting passing guests to well-being and soothing. Philippe Carillo, member of the group Interior designers Interior designers