How to organize the shared bathroom?

How to organize the shared bathroom?

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Ah, shared life! It's a lot of great times, but also a lot of complications. A life in harmonious shared accommodation requires excellent organization and the notion of respect for others. The biggest sources of conflict often revolve around two themes: food and hygiene. Each person who has lived in a shared apartment has already found themselves impatiently waiting in front of the bathroom door, has "mysteriously" lost a toilet accessory or seen their bottle of shampoo empty a little too quickly. Here are some tips that should help you live in harmony with your roommates.

Plan a schedule

Each roommate has imperatives. Whether it is his studies, his work or his personal life, these imperatives very often imply a timetable. So that there is no rush in front of the bathroom door every morning and to avoid a roommate being late, it may be good to set up a schedule for everyone's shower or bath . Take the time to make this morning timetable all together and put it on paper. To be sure that nobody is mistaken or takes the place of another, you can write this timetable on a slate fixed on the door of the room concerned. Or, to prevent a clever little one from changing the schedule as he pleases, put the coaster, in a colored frame. No one can miss it.

Organize storage spaces well

It's a bit of the golden rule of colocation: everyone has their own space. This also applies to the bathroom. No one uses exactly the same hair brush, the same creams, the same hygiene and beauty products. It is therefore important that each roommate has their own storage space in the bathroom. Each one has its shelf or, if the size of the room allows, each one its piece of furniture. There are not too expensive in classic furniture stores like Ikea, Conforama or BUT. Once the arrangements have been made, it is important to respect the space of the other roommates. Remember that rummaging through someone's bedroom or bathroom closet is one and the same thing.

Each towel rack

For obvious hygienic reasons and to avoid any crime of lese majesty, it is important that everyone can easily distinguish their towel (s). There is a simple solution: install as many towel racks as there are roommates in the apartment, which should avoid any confusion. Preferably place them near the storage space of each member of the shared accommodation. If this solution does not seem sufficient to you, you can always invest in several sets of bath sheets by varying the colors. Everyone chooses their own and there will be no more problems.