Ecological renovation: pellet stove and tax credit

Ecological renovation: pellet stove and tax credit

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Tired of your old fireplace which takes up a considerable place in your stay? What if you swapped it with a pellet stove? Still little known, this renovation solution has many advantages, the most interesting of which is the obvious reduction in your energy bill for heating your home. Bonus, pellet stoves, known as pellet inserts, are eligible for the energy transition tax credit (ISCED). Why choose this type of equipment? What savings can you achieve by installing a wood pellet stove in your home? We investigated!

Pellet stove: significant advantages

The pellet stove has many advantages that it is important to know when you want to change your wood heating system. If log stoves appeal to French households because of the smell of wood, the soft crackling that emanates from it and the vision of the flames dancing in our interiors, pellet stoves are widely acclaimed because their ease ensuring autonomy for several days.
Note that some models are even programmable and can therefore be switched on or off remotely or stop once the desired temperature is reached. A specificity that effectively reduces its energy bill and makes this system a comfortable, economical and practical solution for heating. The pellet stove is also very ecological. The use of pellets which are very dry fuels, and its high technology thanks to which combustion is almost complete, lead to minimal pollutant releases.

What standards should pellet stoves meet?

To support the use of pellet stoves by French households, the tax credit for the energy transition implemented by the government has set itself the purpose of providing 30% of the purchase price of a heating system of this type. Provided, however, that the stove chosen complies with the standards required by the device: - pellet stoves with manual loading must display, at a minimum, a thermogenic efficiency equal to 80% - those with automatic loading must display a thermogenic efficiency equal to 85 % - they must be installed by a qualified pellet stove worker

Who can benefit from the tax credit?

Several conditions must be met in order to benefit from the 30% tax credit. First of all, the domicile must be located in France and considered by the owner, the tenant or the occupant free of charge of this accommodation as his main residence. As with other eligible equipment, the accommodation must have been completed more than two years ago. Finally, be aware that the spending limit is 8,000 euros for a single person, single or divorced, 16,000 euros for a married couple or subject to common taxation and that there is an increase of 400 euros per dependent.