How to decorate your home with family photos?

How to decorate your home with family photos?

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In the digital age, photos accumulate a little more each day on the hard drive of the computer. This trend, which tends to increase over the years, allows us to archive many photos, which by their number are no longer developed at the same rate as before. With the end of year celebrations approaching, it's time to roll up your sleeves and sort through our archives! The opportunity to review our most beautiful photos and choose the ones that will be displayed in the house. Here are some tips to expose them in an original way, and transform your sweet home into a real art gallery!

For the most classic…

If you are not a fan of arty collage, nothing prevents you from displaying your photos in a classic way. There are a multitude of shallow wall shelves, designed to accommodate your various frames and photos: have two staggered above the sofa, and place your photos in varying sizes and formats. Mobile is also a must in this area: it has the advantage of easily integrating your prints with the possibility of changing them according to your mood and the mood of the moment. If you have a creative mind, nothing prevents you from making one yourself with driftwood and nylon thread for example! Finally you can turn to the traditional card holder (or even a turnstile for a more spectacular effect) in which your photos will be exposed: an ideal solution for the kitchen or the office.

The pell-mell revisited

The collage remains the most original solution to display your family photos in the house. Bet on accessories (clothespins, thread, ribbon, drawing clips…) to create an original and inexpensive support. In the hallway for example, run a long colored thread to hang your pictures using small clothespins (which you can easily find in signs dedicated to creative hobbies): it will surely have a little effect with your guests and you will be able to enjoy your photos every day). Another idea: play with the graphic format of the Polaroid prints, placing them in the shape of a heart above the bed or the sofa. The "accumulation" effect, perfectly created by decorator Sarah Lavoine, is another solution that will allow you to exhibit a maximum of shots, while retaining a very graphic decor. To test urgently !