D-19: I make decorative gifts

D-19: I make decorative gifts

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D-19? We strongly advise you to get started in your Christmas gift shopping. Because if Santa Claus takes care of some of the gifts - hum! -, the rest of the Christmas shopping comes back to you. Tough task. Especially if you go there on December 24 - even if it's still morning. The advice we can give you: before you start boarding stores and shopping centers, make a list. Because, no, inspiration will not miraculously appear in the midst of the distressed crowd and overheated stores. If you do not know what to put on your list, we offer selections for all tastes and all budgets.

Tip # 1: Look for gifts that look like your loved ones

One of the big pitfalls of the Christmas gift is making gifts that we like. Instead, think of the person to whom you are offering something. To help you, we offer some profiles… - Gifts for DIY lovers - Gifts for foodies - Gift ideas for high-tech dad

Tip # 2: give yourself a budget

Carried away by the enthusiasm and the pleasure of making someone happy, did you start buying a magnificent designer lamp for your mom? Good idea ! If it is only now, you no longer have a penny to please the rest of your loved ones ... Without making a detailed budget, tell yourself that you do not put more than x euros in each gift. Especially since in the end, it is not the most expensive gifts that are the most fun! - 10 gift ideas for less than 10 euros - 10 gift ideas between 10 and 20 euros - 10 decorative gifts between 20 and 30 euros - 10 decorative gifts between 30 and 40 euros - 10 decorative gifts between 40 and 50 euros


Tip # 3: What if you made your own gifts?

The gifts that make you the most happy, aren't they the gifts in which you put a little bit of yourself? So it's time or never to get your hands dirty to prepare DIY gifts! - 50 gift ideas to make - DIY: I make a personalized mug - DIY: I make a personalized notebook - DIY: I make a snow globe - Knitting gifts - A DIY gift for him Find our Christmas ideas on our dedicated board on Pinterest and don't forget to play our great Advent contest: today, you can try to win a mini Pipistrello lamp with Lightonline!