4 ways to store cookie cutters

4 ways to store cookie cutters

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The cookie cutters are very practical for easily making cakes with original shapes. Fun to decorate and gourmet, they will surprise young and old. However, they are not very practical to store. came up with clever ideas for you to store your cookie cutters!

A cookie box for storage

Since your cookie cutters are used to make cakes and cookies, why not just store them in a cookie box? You can leave it out on your work surface or put it in your cupboards depending on how often you bake. Your utensils will be well protected and will not be able to scratch or deform.

Use a paper roll holder!

Here's an unusual way to store your cookie cutters! Use a paper roll holder that you do not use and simply put the cookie cutters on it. Preferably choose a wooden roller to avoid hearing an unpleasant noise when handling it. Remember to rinse your utensils before using them.

Store small utensils in jars

Is your kitchen overflowing with empty jars? Divert their primary use by storing small utensils and accessories, such as pastry bags, muffin or cupcake cases and of course cookie cutters! If possible, opt for transparent jars in order to find your accessories more easily.

Pinning cookie cutters

This unusual method will allow you to combine decorative object and storage! Pin your iron utensils using a pin, which you will hang on a cork board. If you have cookie cutters of different colors, alternate them so that the rendering is prettier. Then it's up to you to find a special place for this original painting in your kitchen.