Before / After: Transforming a workers' house into a pleasant family home

Before / After: Transforming a workers' house into a pleasant family home

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Archik is a Marseille real estate agency that offers a collection of architectures to live in or renovate. The agency offers its clients the possibility of creating their own universe from A to Z via its interior architecture office. This tailor-made concept seduced a young couple for their first purchase. The little workers' house he fell into has become a pretty family home after a few months of work! Follow the steps of its amazing transformation step by step.

A stay with a loft spirit

Before : When the couple visits for the first time this small working-class house in the Marseilles suburbs, they discover an interior that has remained frozen in the 70s. Between the multiple floor coverings, the narrow rooms and the worn tapestries, the young people have a lot of struggling to project into this interior without charm! Housing nevertheless has a rather exceptional decorative potential which it is enough to exploit well: after a first interview with the decorators of the agency Archik, the house presents itself to them under a new angle.
After : In agreement with the new owners, the architects opt for a loft atmosphere in the living room. The idea? Preserve and enhance certain old elements (original parquet, cast iron radiators, etc.) and breathe new life into the whole room. The two professionals in charge of the project therefore choose to knock down several partitions to enlarge the living room and open it to the kitchen. By scraping the walls of the living room, they expose a superb brick wall that they decide to keep as is. More spacious and airy, the new living room now has a space dedicated to relaxation and receptions, simply separated from the library area by a nice large format sofa. In terms of decoration, the loft spirit is indeed present through a mix of carefully selected objects and furniture.

Follow the red thread in the kitchen!

Before : The kitchen is marked in the 80s, with its "neo-rustic" look very fashionable at that time. Dark and not very functional, it has the advantage of opening onto a small garden thanks to a large French window.
After : the partitions have disappeared and the kitchen is now open to the living room. The old brown tiles now give way to a more sober and contemporary anthracite floor, which blends perfectly with the black, red and steel tones of the decorative accessories. Particular care has been taken in the choice of household appliances in order to strengthen the loft spirit that reigns in the house: highlights of the new kitchen, the Smeg refrigerator and the KitchenAid baking robot are as useful as they are decorative!

Sobriety in the master bedroom

Before : Like the rest of the house, the room was left "in its own juice". Cluttered with massive furniture and darkened by an old-fashioned tapestry, it is hardly attractive for new owners!
After : Here again, Archik has chosen to break down the partitions to enlarge the bedroom and transform it into a parental mini-suite. A dressing room was created from the ground up behind a semi-open partition in order to respect the owners' desire for sobriety. In terms of colors, the piece revolves around three strong shades (blue, black and white) available on textiles and decorative accessories. More info on