7 solutions for top sleeping

7 solutions for top sleeping

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The convertible sofa

For a extra bed in the living room, the convertible sofa is by far the most popular solution for individuals ... Indeed, if you do not have a guest room to receive your guests, the convertible sofa is an extra bed could not be more efficient: just unfold the box spring which is located inside the sofa to obtain a bed, and that's it.

And if the old generation convertible sofas were sometimes limited in terms of comfort, current models now rely on the comfort of the seat without forgetting that of the mattress. Do not hesitate to choose a corner model if the surface of your living room allows it, in order to increase the number of seats available and thus receive a maximum of people around the coffee table!

The sofa bed and the BZ

In a studio or a teenage bedroom, the space must be perfectly managed to optimize the available space. The sofabed where the BZ (sofa that folds out in Z) are then extra beds all indicated, since it will allow you to have a sofa during the day to receive your friends and transform it into a bed at night.

These two types of ultra practical beds allow you to benefit from both a real double bed and a comfortable sofa, all without occupying too much space. From a technical point of view, the click-clack unfolds in the width direction while the BZ unfolds in length; depending on the space available in your room and its layout (room in length or width), you can choose the extra bed you need for your stay, your guest room or even your office!


Futons, or traditional Japanese beds, are mattresses made up of several layers of refined, carded and needle-punched cotton to form uniform layers over its entire length. The thinner futons can be rolled up: an appreciable saving of space which, added to the comfort, makes it one of the French people's favorite extra beds ! Even if, it must be admitted, in terms of comfort, the futons are not really on the first place of the podium…

The trundle bed

The truckle bed is a clever device that allows hide a bed in a drawer under the bed or the sofa. So when children want to invite a friend to sleep, just pull the drawer and add a duvet so that the bed is ready in two minutes!

Nothing is more practical to invite and make several children sleep in the same room. An investment which often pays off very quickly.

The fireside chair

The armless is perhaps the least comfortable extra bed but it is also the least expensive and most discreet in terms of space occupied. It is a kind of foam chair that is unfolded lengthwise to form a bed. There are fireside chairs in one or two-seater versions, with much more attractive designs than those of twenty years ago!

The advantage of this solution is that the chair also serves as a seat during the day (for the youngest, because it must be admitted that it is not pleasant, especially for people suffering from the back!). But you can also opt for the extra mattress version which uses the same folding principle and has the advantage of slipping under a bed or in a closet.


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