I fold my Christmas napkins

I fold my Christmas napkins

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Sometimes there are little things that change everything. This is the case for example with the folding of napkins, a setting on the table that makes your decoration sophisticated and precious. Towel folding is a bit like the bag or scarf that completes an outfit, the detail that makes the difference in short. So why deprive yourself of this spectacular effect? Especially since some folds are easy to make and you can prepare them in advance. On D-13 of the Christmas party, here is an easy, enjoyable activity: you will be glad you thought about it several days in advance. Question organization, you will be really on top!

Napkin folding on the theme of Christmas and the holiday season

To make it simple and effective, we choose a folding method that uses Christmas elements. This kind of napkin folding will be perfect for traditional table decorations. You can also play on contrasts by offering these folds on a contemporary style table. Be aware that depending on the color of your towel, you will not get the same effect. For example, folding a pine tree style with a green towel will give a classic effect while with a white towel, it can be associated with a design style. - Towel folding technique: the snowflake - Towel folding technique: the fir tree - Towel folding technique: the Christmas elf boot - Towel folding technique: the pine cone - Towel folding technique: the candle - 5 easy folds of napkins for a party table


Beginner level towel folds

We have classified the different folds of napkins according to the difficulty of execution. If you've never been good at origami, start with the beginner level. You can take the opportunity to involve the children in this activity, they will be happy to help with the Christmas table! A word of advice before you start folding: bring a good iron with a clean sole to avoid staining your towels. You can iron with a pattemouille to mark the folds and keep your towels immaculate. Once the shapes are given, the towels should be kept away from dust in a cupboard. - Napkin folding: the basket - Napkin folding: the butterfly - Napkin folding: the petal

Concentrated level towel folds

Have you ever been good at origami? In this case you can try the concentrated level which requires not to be disturbed for a good hour. In addition to being pretty, these folds will undoubtedly be studied by your guests at the very beginning of a meal, which already makes a good start to the conversation. And why not teach them to do these folds too? You will then become the queen of the evening as a great specialist in towel folding. When you think that thanks to our Christmas organization challenge, you folded these towels ten days in advance! - Napkin folding: the lotus - Napkin folding: the rose - Napkin folding technique: the rabbit

Advanced level towel folds

If the folding of towels has no more secrets for you, you can then carry out the last two foldings offered. And if you master the art of textile origami as well, I suggest you rotate the towels (sorry!) So that each dish of the Christmas meal, the guests have a different towel folding. - Towel folding: the fish - Towel folding technique: as a secret message Find our Christmas ideas on our dedicated board on Pinterest and participate in the great Advent calendar game: today try to win a Flos table lamp designed by Philippe Starck with Lightonline!


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