Before / After: A girl's bedroom in Afro-Scandinavian style

Before / After: A girl's bedroom in Afro-Scandinavian style

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Fitting out a child's bedroom can sometimes be more complicated than expected. It is indeed necessary to secure the spaces essential to the daily life of the smallest (changing table, sleeping area, play area, etc.), without neglecting the functional and decorative aspect. The parents of Zahara, 2 years old, called on the agency My Interior On Measure to rethink the arrangement of her room, configured in the same way since birth. The little girl was starting to feel cramped in her crib! The makeover was therefore an opportunity to create a new atmosphere in his image, but also to change the furniture and the layout of the room according to his needs.

Create a room suitable for a 2 year old child

Before : When the decorators from the Mism agency discover Zahara's bedroom for the first time, they immediately perceive the decorative potential of this beautiful 13 m2 room. With its large window, its solid parquet floor and its beautiful height under ceiling, the room already has many advantages to be transformed into a comfortable and stylish little girl's room! In terms of layout, however, you have to review everything from A to Z in order to create several spaces adapted to the child's size and needs.
After : The renovation of the walls is an opportunity to overcome a first important detail, namely the height under the ceiling. The apartment dating from the 30s, it has a beautiful height under ceiling much appreciated in the living rooms but too large compared to the scale of the child. The furniture in his room is also small, the architects find a simple and inexpensive trick to "pack" the ceiling a few centimeters. By painting it in a dark color to the bottom of the rounded corners, it now seems lower than it really is. On the style side, the decorators choose to mix Scandinavian design and African accessories to recall the Afro-European origins of little Zahara. A perfectly successful mixture that oscillates between bright colors and refined furniture.

A space for each activity!

Before : Zahara's bedroom has not been refurbished since her birth. The girl therefore lacks a bed that allows her to be independent, a suitable play corner as well as a relaxation area for rest and evening stories.
After : The decorators of the Mism agency have created several very distinct spaces, separated from each other by colors. One of the two sides of the room is dedicated to change and play: blond wood is highlighted with pretty designer pieces (folding Balouga changing table, Scandinavian clothes shelf, etc.). The play area, with its small table and matching chairs, is visually delimited thanks to an XXL mural coloring which acts as wallpaper. The other side of the room has bright colors dispatched on textiles and bed linen. The wax is in the spotlight, and brings to the decor a joyful and colorful ethnic touch! More info on MISM - My Custom Interior.


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