Roblin celebrates 50 years

Roblin celebrates 50 years

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Roblin is a brand of the Franke group which has existed since 1965. Initiated by Pierre Roblin, the best worker in France in the art of metallurgy, the Norman brand is a specialist in air extraction and cleaning. To celebrate her birthday with dignity, she had the good idea to design new hood models. Overview.

The new hoods from Roblin

Two models of hoods were designed to mark the brand's anniversary. The Futura 900 model is fully customizable thanks to interchangeable colored panels, which exist in different more or less sober shades: green, fuchsia, blue, stainless steel, black glass or matt black glass. On the price side, the device costs between € 1,099 and € 1,149 depending on the model, the panels can be purchased separately (between € 149 and € 249 per unit). Optionally, you can add two washable and reusable carbon filters.
The Vizio Copper model is available in a limited edition. Its copper color and a little vintage takes us back to the atmosphere of old-style kitchens. The hood is fitted with a new generation "The" motor, which saves more energy. Guaranteed for seven years, it consumes up to ten times less for the same performance and reduced noise level. Count 2299 euros for the hood.

A brand at the forefront of innovation

Beyond the special 50-year hoods, the brand offers other models such as the mobile Skylift in stainless steel and glass, which retracts into the ceiling and which can be lowered or raised to the desired height. using a remote control, all for 3299 euros.
The Clarity model is ideal for tall furniture and narrower spaces. Equipped with LED lighting, there is a motorized version at 549 euros. Finally, the Inspiration FX 1000 stainless steel hood is built-in and can also be with or without a motor.
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