I organize my post-Christmas meals

I organize my post-Christmas meals

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Two days before Christmas, there is no longer any question of disrupting the organization of the festive meal. Logically, everything should be under control (at least I hope so for you). You can now devote yourself to the after-party, especially if you receive the family for a few days. It is already an important mission to prepare a Christmas Eve meal but when it is necessary in addition to feed a whole tribe the following days, the affair becomes seriously complicated. To take full advantage of this time spent with your family, helps you manage post-Christmas as well as possible: how to fill your fridge? Can we get away with leftover Christmas? We tell you everything!

I recycle

It is the first option and probably the most reasonable. For Christmas Eve, we tend to see everything in large and too large a quantity. It's normal, the fear of missing that day prevails. Basically it is not very serious, provided you do not throw and enjoy the leftovers for the following meals. Each New Years Eve dish can easily be turned into a meal afterwards. For example, the remains of foie gras can be diced for a winter salad made of young shoots, quince paste and pine nuts. Uneaten meat will be easily recycled with a gratin or a parmentier. For cheeses, you just need to get good nuts or cereal breads to make a convivial bistro-style dinner. For dessert it is actually more complicated but if you have fruit left, a fruit salad will always be welcomed, by young and old alike.

I freeze

With all the efforts you have made in the past few days, it is normal for motivation to cook to be at a low point. In this case, remember to fill your freezer before Christmas (if there is space). If you can, try to plan additional portions, for example if you are making casseroles. All you have to do is defrost your dishes to delight the whole family without spending hours in the kitchen. Besides, the freezer can also be used to avoid going through the supermarket and shops when it is so cold outside. You can plan to freeze one or two breads so as not to stress in the morning. Also have meat or fish in your freezer on hand that is too sensitive to be stored in the refrigerator for too long. However, keep a free space in the freezer part because if you have planned too large in the quantities, it can as a last resort help you. We always freeze the same things while many foods support this treatment without problem. Cheeses that have not been started on New Years Eve can be frozen without worry.

I plan light

Between the foie gras, smoked salmon and capon, we can say that the cup is full. And before the New Year's meal, the stomach needs a well-deserved break. Light does not mean without flavor, so be sure to offer healthy but tasty recipes such as good soups with winter vegetables, broths made from carcasses (besides keep a little to freeze) or still exotic steamed dishes. Also stock up on sufficient eggs as they allow you to make many easy recipes: omelets, casserole eggs and scrambled eggs will be able to help you out. If you are overdosed on food, try the detox but gently. It's time to never succumb to the trend of detox water, a flavored water that will offset the excesses of the party.

I share

Even if it means extra work, admit that having the whole family under your roof allows you to share very good moments. Among these, there is the sacrosanct breakfast, even more important when the unwrapping of gifts is done on Christmas morning. We therefore stock up on provisions to offer different fruit juices, various jams but also several kinds of breads, brioches and pastries. You will see that a Christmas breakfast table can be as festive as a Christmas Eve table, if not more with the cries of joy of children. Sharing with others also includes all the delicacies that you can offer to those around you: chocolates, candied chestnuts or Christmas shortbread. If each of the guests leaves with a small gourmet package, they will keep with them the memory of this Christmas spent at your home for several days.

I rest

Having given everything for this holiday, you also have the right to rest. Make way for the food processor, time to recharge your batteries. Do not hesitate to use all the devices at your disposal to relieve yourself of the most thankless tasks, even of all tasks. We leave the soup in the heating blender, the veal stew in an electric slow cooker, the vegetables in a steamer, etc. With the new robots put on the market like the Cookeo Connect for example, we really relax because the device does as well as us and in a super fast way: suddenly we have even more time to enjoy Christmas!
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