Planning your meals: how to do it?

Planning your meals: how to do it?

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Meal Planning is a straight technique from the United States. The idea is very simple: set up menus for each week of the year and shop accordingly. A very good way to avoid the mess, but also a solution against the food routine. Do you want to try it out and don't know how to do it? Don't panic, here are some tips.

Get organized

Organization is the watchword for meal planning. Before going shopping, take the time to write a menu that takes into account the desires and schedules of each member of your household. At the beginning, and especially if you are not exactly a great cook, opt for simple recipes to make. Then shop accordingly and remember to display your menu in the kitchen so that it is easily accessible.

Diversify your kitchen

A good organization will avoid you the lack of inspiration and the eternal butter pasta as only recourse. Ideally put to good use, planning your meals allows a healthier and balanced diet, it is also the perfect opportunity to test new dishes. Take the time to browse the cookbooks you've been offered, food blogs and websites. Keep the ones you like the most in a notebook or Word file.

Adapt meal planning to your lifestyle

If you are lucky enough to come home from work early and love to cook, your weekly menu is bound to be different from that of someone who often comes home very late and does not like spending too much time in the kitchen. When planning your meals, you must be certain of being able, unless unforeseen, to stick to them. Adapt the recipes you want to make during the week to your lifestyle and your desires. If you don't have a lot of time in the week, but still want to cook good, fairly elaborate dishes, you can take an hour in your weekend to prepare some elements of a recipe (chop onions, brown the risotto garnish in advance, pre-cook a ratatouille ...). The key is to find your rhythm, so that planning becomes simple.


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